Creating Unforgettable Dining Experiences

We believe that our beers can go toe-to-toe with any wine or spirit when it comes to food pairings. Our mixed culture provides a balanced acidity that can stand up to richer food, while not being so aggressive as to blow out a dish possessing nuanced and delicate flavors. Of course, our beers are certainly great on their own, but alongside the right foods they take on a whole new life.  

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Events, FoodSam Lehman
Our Business Plan - Part I

In 2014 when I decided to take the plunge into starting a brewery, like many startups, I created a business plan. It was a rough Google doc (before it was called Drive) that became the framework for what is now a polished and thoughtful document filled with our vision, market research and financial strategy that we are always proud to share.

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Notes from our quest for a location

We are often asked these days, “how’s the brewery coming?” At this stage, the question is hard to answer because much of the focus has been on finding a property. We are actively on the hunt, but looking for a location is frustrating, to say the least.

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Andrew Pogue
Fair Isle's Salons

As guests turned to their neighbors and fell into individual conversations, I took a second to sit back and observe the circle. Individuals that had never met before were now exchanging information and making plans to meet up for drinks later in the week. We could have reigned in the conversation and tried to solicit feedback on our recipes, but, in certain contexts, beer need be nothing more than a vehicle for facilitating human connection.

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Walloons - A Lesson in Hospitality

Dusting a passport off for a two-week trip in Western Europe means things are really happening. It isn’t all the planning and booking hotels, flights, or train tickets. Filling up a map with must-sees and must-dos makes me overflow with excitement, but something doesn’t seem real until the passport comes out.

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Announcing Fair Voyage

We’re excited to announce Fair Voyage — a farmhouse ale brewed with fireweed in collaboration with Jester King Brewery in Austin, TX. This past summer we did a lot of foraging but generally in small amounts for experimental batches.  Fireweed was the exception.  With this collaboration beer in mind we sought out an ingredient that was in season, available in abundance, sustainably harvested and easy to transport to Austin. Our friend and forager, Alex Harwell, first brought up the idea of using Fireweed in a beer.

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Part III - Our mixed culture fermentation

We believe in creating beers made with a sense of place. One way we do this is through our unique mixed culture comprised of wild yeasts and bacteria.  It Includes native cultures built up from Yarrow that was harvested in the Yakima wine region and Elderflowers from the Bastyr Campus and other wild cultures gathered near the Ballard Locks. We’ve created a unique flavor profile that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere.  

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Part II - What is mixed culture fermentation?

Many businesses have a proprietary component - we have our mixed culture. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, think of it like a rustic sourdough starter compared to store bought yeast. It’s what we use to ferment all of our beers. In the starter there’s many different types of yeast working in harmony. Compared this to your store bought yeast which is a single laboratory isolated strain.

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Pivotal Experiences

For a brewery, the act of drinking a beer can be not much more than swigging sweet nectar into your gullet. Not saying that’s necessarily a bad way to go, but it could be so much more. As mentioned, it could be pleasantly life-changing by the taste, the atmosphere you drink it in and the message behind the making process. The experience starts by how you hear about the brewery for the first time...

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Let’s start this thing with how it is that you came to be reading this post.  We’re opening a brewery! Fair Isle will be a farmhouse brewery in the city of Seattle ... Andrew and I met through the North Seattle Home Brew Clu...

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