Let’s start this thing with how it is that you came to be reading this post.  We’re opening a brewery! Fair Isle will be a farmhouse brewery in the city of Seattle. We are a joint venture between Seattle residents Andrew Pogue and Geoffrey Barker as well as Jester King Brewery out of Austin Texas. We don’t have a space yet but when the time comes, we hope to find 6000+ square feet of suitable space somewhere in the green blob shown below:


Andrew and I met through the North Seattle Home Brew Club (a club with a record of past members going pro including the owners of: Reuben’s, Bainbridge Island Brewing, NW Peaks, Populux, Lucky Envelope and Ravenna Brewing).  We started brewing together about 18 months ago and almost immediately started knocking around the idea of starting a brewery together. We soon realized that we both wanted to create essentially the same thing. Not another IPA/Pale/Porter/Stout brewery (Seattle has plenty of good examples of those beers) but rather a brewery focused entirely on the large range of mixed culture farmhouse and wild beers, including Saison, Grisette, Biere de Garde, ‘Farmhouse’, and American Sour beer.  Many of our beers will include locally foraged items such as fireweed, elderberries, mushrooms etc and many will also be refermented on fruit.  We also plan to have a coolship and produce true spontaneously fermented ‘wild’ beers.


As we worked on our business plan and investor pitch, Andrew was having conversations with some professional brewer friends in Austin, Texas; the folks at Jester King Brewery.  Jeffrey and Michael gave us a lot of good guidance as friends but when it looked like we were really going to do this, they asked if they could join us!  To which we replied: “I guess so”... Joking of course.  We were stoked then and remain stoked now to have the opportunity to work with these guys.  It was also just the kick in the butt we needed to get serious. Checkout their blog here they’re awesome!


One of the many benefits of our relationship with Jester King is the opportunity to collaborate with and brew with these pros before we even have our own space.  We recently traveled to Austin and brewed our first collaboration beer with them.  A simple low gravity farmhouse beer with foraged fireweed from the Cascades and a blend of Jester King’s and our mixed cultures. Read Jeffrey's post about the partnership and this beer on the Jester King blog.

This blog will initially be the place where we will keep you all up to date on our progress. Eventually, it will be where we talk about special events, collaborations, ingredients, processes and more.  It may be a little slow initially but keep an eye on this space!  We’re looking forward to telling you more.  In fact, if you have any questions about our beers, our plans or anything else, don’t hesitate to email us at info@fairislebrewing.com or call me at 206 604-1317.





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