Jester King Announces Partnership with Fair Isle Brewing


We’re pleased and excited to announce that Jester King has agreed to form a partnership with Fair Isle Brewing in Seattle, Washington! Fair Isle is a brewery in planning headed by longtime friend Andrew Pogue and his business partner Geoffrey Barker. … To get things started with Fair Isle, we brewed a batch of beer together at Jester King in November. We brewed a mixed culture farmhouse ale fermented in stainless steel with Washington Fireweed. We expect this beer to be released sometime this winter or spring at Jester King, and plan on sending some to Washington!


— Jeffrey Stuffings, Founder, Jester King Brewery

and Michael Steffing, Founder, Jester King Brewery

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I first learned to homebrew in 2008 in Austin, Texas from my future father in-law. I got enthusiastic about farmhouse beers when I started brewing with my friend Joshua Cockrell and his brother Lane. During our brew days, Joshua would bring over his drawing pad and work on illustrations for a new brewery starting up called Jester King Brewery. Shortly thereafter I met Jester King founders Jeffrey Stuffings and Michael Steffing just prior to their first brew day. I was intimately involved with the brewery when I lived in Austin, Texas in 2008-2011: designing and building their bar with my wife Heather (who is a fantastic writer and will also be contributing to this blog), assisting with brewing and bottling and inspiring/developing their recipe for Bonnie the Rare - a Berliner Weisse, and created a little film with Lars Frazer on the fine folks of Jester King.


Jester King has always been like a second home for Heather and I, a place to escape the city and where we’ve spent countless hours when visiting Austin since leaving. I am super excited to have Jester King on board as part of Fair Isle.


- Andrew Pogue | Co-Founder of Fair Isle Brewing

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