Our Business Plan - Part I


In 2014 when I decided to take the plunge into starting a brewery, like many startups, I created a business plan. It was a rough Google doc (before it was called Drive) that became the framework for what is now a polished and thoughtful document filled with our vision, market research and financial strategy that we are always proud to share. Throughout its life, our business plan took some big leaps of evolution with the help of my co-founder Geoffrey Barker and our friends at Jester King but also from the many breweries and businesses that so graciously made public their business plans.


From the beginning, we intended to pay it forward and share our business plan in the hope that it can be a valuable tool to someone embarking on their next adventure. With this in mind, we’ll be releasing portions of the business plan every month through our blog and eventually publishing the whole document (albeit a redacted version).


Keep in mind that the numbers in this section are in a constant state of flux as the market explores new ideas and abandons others. Even though they represent a specific period of time, the important consideration is where the market is headed.


Without further ado...