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Creating Unforgettable Dining Experiences

We believe that our beers can go toe-to-toe with any wine or spirit when it comes to food pairings. Our mixed culture provides a balanced acidity that can stand up to richer food, while not being so aggressive as to blow out a dish possessing nuanced and delicate flavors. Of course, our beers are certainly great on their own, but alongside the right foods they take on a whole new life.  

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Fair Isle's Salons

As guests turned to their neighbors and fell into individual conversations, I took a second to sit back and observe the circle. Individuals that had never met before were now exchanging information and making plans to meet up for drinks later in the week. We could have reigned in the conversation and tried to solicit feedback on our recipes, but, in certain contexts, beer need be nothing more than a vehicle for facilitating human connection.

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