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Part III - Our mixed culture fermentation

We believe in creating beers made with a sense of place. One way we do this is through our unique mixed culture comprised of wild yeasts and bacteria.  It Includes native cultures built up from Yarrow that was harvested in the Yakima wine region and Elderflowers from the Bastyr Campus and other wild cultures gathered near the Ballard Locks. We’ve created a unique flavor profile that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere.  

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Part II - What is mixed culture fermentation?

Many businesses have a proprietary component - we have our mixed culture. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, think of it like a rustic sourdough starter compared to store bought yeast. It’s what we use to ferment all of our beers. In the starter there’s many different types of yeast working in harmony. Compared this to your store bought yeast which is a single laboratory isolated strain.

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