Geoffrey Barker

Geoffrey has spent the last 32 years honing his skills in the IT world (no, he will not help you with with that weird email problem).  Since starting his own consultancy in 1998, he has worked long term engagements in large and small businesses in several industries including healthcare, venture capital, restaurants, tech startups and fire services.  

In addition to this broad background, Geoffrey built a large sophisticated 1bbl, 3 vessel electric pilot brewery from scratch - closely mimicking the processes of a large commercial brewhouse. In fact many small (nano) professional breweries start on a system this size.  Fair Isle will benefit from this pilot system. It will be used to test new ideas, recipes and ingredients in small batches before committing to a full sized batch.



Andrew Pogue

As an architectural photographer, Andrew understands building a business from scratch and has developed a client base in Seattle, Portland and Austin. He’s seen first hand the value of marketing, continually being relevant and delivering a product and service valued by his clients. His vision for Fair Isle is an intersection of farmhouse beers, rooted in the northwest, in an aesthetically pleasing place, with on-site sales directly to the patron; creating a destination like only a few breweries across the nation have achieved.


While living in Austin in 2008, Andrew met Jester King Brewery partners Jeffrey Stuffings and Michael Steffing --- just prior to their first brew day. He was intimately involved with the brewery from 2008-2011: designing and building their bar, assisting with brewing and bottling and inspiring/developing their recipe for Bonnie the Rare - a Berliner Weisse.