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Fair IsLe’s

Knitting Circle

2019 Bottle Membership



What's Included

8 Exclusive Knitting Circle Beers

As a member of the Fair Isle Knitting Circle you will receive exclusive farmhouse beers created just for you. These beers will highlight special barrels, foraged ingredients, and unique small-batch recipes. We will make four different beers for 2019 members of the Knitting Circle. Each member will receive two 750mL bottles (or the equivalent volume in smaller format bottles) of four unique beers for a total of eight 750ml bottles.

As someone who is interested in joining the Knitting Circle, you may be aware that farmhouse beers take time to make. We do our best to plan out the timing of our beers and shepherd them along the way, but at the end of the day these beers are simply ready to drink when they’re ready to drink. Additionally, we are beholden to the seasonality of local ingredients and since this is the program’s first year we have a limited inventory of barreled beer to blend. This all means that we can’t commit to a specific release schedule. However, members should expect bottle releases to be slated towards the end of 2019 and members will receive all of their beer by Dec. 31st, 2019.

Our intent with Knitting Circle beers is for them to be exclusive to members. We want these beers to be special and we want you to feel special as a member of the Knitting Circle. However, if we happen to produce an excess of Knitting Circle beer or member bottles are forfeited to the brewery, we plan to cellar these beers for use at a later date (e.g. at pop-up dinners, tasting room events, or to the public for on-site consumption).

Ability to Purchase Most Public Releases Online

Over the course of the year, most of Fair Isle’s beers will be released for the general public separate from those exclusively for the Knitting Circle. Some of these beers will be limited in production and may sell out when publicly released. Knitting Circle members will have the ability to reserve these beers before they go on sale to the public, avoiding the line. Bottle limits per customer may still apply.

1 Knitting Circle Glass

All members will receive one exclusive glass; bearing the Knitting Circle branding.

1 Knitting Circle Shirt

All members will receive one limited edition shirt; bearing the Knitting Circle branding.

2 Invitations to a Knitting Circle Pre-Opening Event at the Brewery

Before opening to the general public, we will host an event exclusively for Knitting Circle members.  Each member will receive an invitation with the ability to bring a guest. We have not set a date for this yet but expect it to happen roughly in early September

Pick Up Logistics

Pick-up Timeline

All Knitting Circle beers will be held for in-person pickup at the brewery for 30 days after the initial release date. Beer can be picked up at the tasting room during regular business hours. Beer not picked-up within 30 days will be forfeited to the brewery without refund.

Similar to Knitting Circle exclusive beer, public release bottles purchased through a members only pre-sale will be stored at Fair Isle for pick-up for up to 30 days after purchase, after which the beer is forfeit to Fair Isle without refund.

“Household” Pick-Up Rules

Our “Household Rule” means that when you sign up for membership, you can designate someone who lives at the same address as you (e.g. a partner, spouse, roommate) to pick up your beer on your behalf. Members may designate only one trustee to pick up their beer.

We thought hard about the best way to approach the proxy/trustee issue with the Knitting Circle. We decided on the “Household Rule” because we think it strikes a good balance of making it easier for folks to pick up their beer while also ensuring that the Knitting Circle is primarily for folks who can visit our brewery -- the place where we think our beer is best enjoyed.

Terms and Conditions

  • Fair Isle reserves the right to discontinue the Knitting Circle for 2020.

  • Only one membership per person. If an individual is found to have multiple memberships, Fair Isle reserves the right to cancel all memberships for that individual without refund.

  • You must be 21+ to purchase a membership.

  • All 2019 Knitting Circle Membership sales are final and non-refundable.

  • Pick-Up Rules: Knitting Circle beer must be picked up by the individual who purchased their membership or an individual designated in advance bearing an ID with the same address as the membership owner.

  • Beer and merchandise received through the Knitting Circle are intended for individual consumption and enjoyment. They are not for resale. Members found reselling their beer or merchandise may have their membership terminated without refund.

  • Fair Isle reserves the right to cancel an individual’s membership and refund any unused portion of that membership at any time for any reason.

    Memberships in the industry are frequently undermined by traders and profiteers who have no personal interest in the beer but just want to make a buck or trade for some other beer. While this is not inherently bad, it is inconsistent with our intent to cater towards our early adopters and local supporters. No solution to this situation is perfect but we don't intend to turn a blind eye. If we find traders or profiteers ignoring the rules, we will take the necessary steps to end these actions. We hope you understand.

  • Termination of Membership and Renewal

    2019 Knitting Circle Memberships will commence on January 1st, 2019 and will terminate on December 31st, 2019. If Fair Isle Brewing chooses to continue the Knitting Circle for 2020, all 2019 members will have first right to renew their memberships before they go on sale to the public.


Still have questions about 2019 Knitting Circle memberships? Send an email to  and we will get back to you as soon as possible!